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./, ../, AUTHORS, ChangeLog, Docs/, FILETYPE, INSTALL, LICENSE, MD5SUM, Makefile.in, README, TODO, TODO.ideas, VERSION, acconfig.h, aclocal.m4, algorithms.h, buffer.c, buffer.h, cipher_chaos.c, cipher_chaos.h, cipher_psub.c, cipher_psub.h, cipher_serpent.c, cipher_serpent.h, cipher_sub.c, cipher_sub.h, ciphers.h, comp_bitsums.c, comp_bitsums.h, comp_bzlib.c, comp_bzlib.h, comp_bzlib.lnk, comp_delta.c, comp_delta.h, comp_factor.c, comp_factor.h, comp_fail.c, comp_fail.h, comp_mzlib.c, comp_mzlib.h, comp_mzlib.lnk, comp_mzlib2.c, comp_mzlib2.h, comp_mzlib2.lnk, comp_plain.c, comp_plain.h, comp_range/, comp_range.c, comp_range.h, comp_rle.c, comp_rle.h, comp_snibble.c, comp_snibble.h, comp_split.c, comp_split.h, comp_text.c, comp_text.h, comp_textrle.c, comp_textrle.h, comp_zlib.c, comp_zlib.h, comp_zlib.lnk, config.h.in, configure, configure.in, crc.c, crc.h, dact-snapshot.tar.gz, dact.c, dact.conf, dact.h, dact.tar.gz, dendian.c, dendian.h, getopt.c, getopt.h, header.c, header.h, install-sh, math.h, module.c, module.h, net.c, net.h, parse.c, parse.h, patch-magic-file, rget.txt, sort.c, sort.h, stdint.h, strsep.c, strsep.h, ui.c, ui.h
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AUTHORS contains a list of primary authors.
ChangeLog contains a brief list of changes by dates.
LICENSE contains the GPL, the license that this software is released under.
README is a feeble attempt at a README.
TODO is a list of things to do.
buffer.c is the source to some bit and byte buffer routines.
comp_delta.c is the source to a "Delta" compression routine.
comp_fail.c is a stub for algorithms that are not compiled into DACT.
comp_mzlib.c is the source to a call to zlib's compress(), after modifying data.
comp_plain.c is the source to a compression routine that does no compression.
comp_range.c is a wrapper around Michael Schindler's range encoding routines.
comp_rle.c is the source to an RLE compression algorithm.
comp_snibble.c is the source to a seminibble compression routine.
comp_text.c is the source to a compression routine that works well on text.
comp_zlib.c is the source to a wrapper around zlib.
dact-snapshot.tar.gz is a daily snapshot of the DACT source code. (Warning, this may not work. In fact, it will probably not only NOT work, but also cause damage to your machine and/or yourself and/or the universe as a whole.)
dact.c is the source to DACT's main function.
dact.tar.gz is the latest version of the DACT compressor.
sort.c contains sorting routines.
     -- Roy Keene [0290120002010] rkeene@users.sourceforge.com


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